Case Study: Building Management

Background: WRMC took over the management of a 1960’s model high-rise building containing over 375 units in the mid-2000s.  Our team was excited to partner with the board and residents in order to help them achieve their long term goals for the building.

Challenge: The primary challenge involved addressing the dilapidated state of the building’s critical systems. The building’s pumps and motors for the boiler system had failed, forcing the building to solely run on the backup system.  Another major concern was that the building couldn’t be sufficiently cooled in the summer or heated during the winter.  The cooling tower was past it’s effective lifespan and the building’s windows were leaking both wind and water around their seals. 

Action and Outcome: The boiler system was completely overhauled. The boilers for domestic water and heating were replaced with energy efficient models. All the motors and pumps were replaced so that a lead lag rotation system could be utilized.  This lead lag system reduced the total amount of energy exhausted and increased the system’s overall efficiency.  The cooling tower was also replaced with a variable speed motor energy efficient model.  Over 1000 windows and 350 balcony doors were replaced with commercial dual pain low E glass.  All of the improvements we managed and supervised led to significant advances in the building’s overall energy efficiency.  The building system improvements also drastically increased the level of comfort in the building and the quality of life of the residents.  

Since assuming management of this building in the mid 2000’s, WRMC has tackled numerous projects ranging from total system overhauls, as described above, to replacing all the carpet in the hallways to replacing the cable TV system with a new fiber optic system.  The dramatic improvements to the building combined with the market conditions has effectively increased the value of the units by an average of 150-200%.    


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