Assessment Payment Instructions 

                    Online Payments

  1. Go to Your Association's Bank website. 
  2. Select "Pay By Check" or "Pay By Credit Card".
  3. Sign into your Mutual of Omaha account, select "One Time Payment", or "Create an Account".  You can set up reoccurring payments by logging into your account or creating an account.  
  4. You will need your Account Number, Association ID and Management ID to complete your online payment. 
  5. If you do not have these pieces of information, please fill out THIS FORM


Payment Setup Through Your Bank 

  1. Make the check payable to the name of your HOA and please note your account number or unit number on the check. 
  2. Tell your bank to mail the check to:

"Name of Your HOA"

c/o Worth Ross Management Company

P.O. Box 63908

Phoenix, AZ 85082-390

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